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“Flame spray coating” is an all-encompassing term for thermal spray processes. As the name implies, a high-temperature flame transforms the coating materials into a semi-molten state. By varying the levels of heat and kinetic energy involved, we are able to create flame spray coatings for all industries and applications. We can easily achieve the level of porosity, bond strength, and oxide content that your application demands.


Our flame spray technology includes all established processes, including:

Flame Spray Coating Materials

ASB Industries understands the critical importance of using quality coating materials and techniques to create specific characteristics in flame spray coating applications. The broad range of materials that can be used for flame spray coatings includes:

  • Ceramics
  • Carbide
  • Steel-iron base
  • Nickel-based alloys

Research & Development

ASB Industries is constantly researching to discover new frontiers for flame spray coatings. Because of our diligent commitment to developing new flame spray technology, we possess an unparalleled ability to customize flame spray coatings to meet customer requirements.

History of Flame Spray Coatings

Flame spray coatings were first developed in Switzerland in the early 20th century by Dr.Max Ulrick Schoop. There are two similar stories regarding how Dr. Schoop made his discovery: the first is that he noticed how mud stuck to the wall when playing with his son; the second involves father and son playing with a toy canon that fired lead bullets, after which Schoop noticed the deformation of the pellets.

Schoop began working with molten metal, and from there developed the first flame spray gun, which melted powdered lead and marked the true beginning of flame spray technology. One of Schoop’s early guns can be seen in the ASB history showcase in our Barberton, Ohio production facility.

Flame spray coating continues to evolve worldwide, with a strong base of established applications and material and equipment development touching all parts of the world.

ASB Industries: A Leader in Flame Spray Coatings

Thanks to early contact with inventors and innovators of HVOF and high pressure cold spray systems, ASB Industries has been able to develop our own flame spray technology and receive multiple equipment patents. Our flame spray technology is rooted to our core business: making equipment and components last longer in demanding environments.

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