Beyond the Surface Newsletter- Summer 2013

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ASB Industries Newsletter July 2013
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Grinder Modernization
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60" Cylindrical Grinder Modernization
ASB Industries 60" Diameter x 288 long cylindrical grinder has been a key piece of equipment with consistent production for over thirty years- giving our customers options for larger roll bodies, shafts and a variety of thermal spray surfacing projects with diamond grinding media to complete demanding jobs.

High Pressure Cold Spray Activities at
ASB Industries
Activities related for Cold Spray Users


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Impact Innovations High Pressure Cold Spray Equipment Installation

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Spare Parts and Equipment Support Services

User Meeting at ASB Industries
August 21-22, 2013
Current equipment users are invited to ASB Industries for demonstrations and round-table discussion on equipment operation and maintenance among other topics

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Featured Thermal Spray &
Cold Spray Materials
Thermal Spray and Cold Spray material properties added to
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Chrome Carbide for higher temperature wear resistance applied by the HVOF Process
Aluminum Oxide for wear, chemical resistance and dielectric strength applied by the Plasma Electric Arc Process

Chrome Oxide for extreme wear resistance applied by the Plasma Electric Arc Process

Tantalum for corrosion and high temperature strength

applied by the High Pressure Cold Spray Process

ASB Industries
About ASB Industries
ASB Industries is committed to advanced surfacing technologies. Since 1946, we have focused on re- manufacturing and enhancing component performance through Thermal Spray and Cold Spray Surfacing, grinding, polishing and other turnkey processes. ASB services a vast array of components in a variety of industries.