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Thermal Spray Case Studies

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For over 65 years, ASB Industries has been providing innovative thermal spray solutions. Using our extensive experience and advanced surfacing technologies, we’ve developed thermal spray, specialty welding, and cold spray coatings for customers in a wide range of industries, from aerospace to oil and gas to power generation.

Though the applications for our thermal spray coatings can vary greatly, one thing remains constant: customer satisfaction. We work with our customers to understand the problems they’re facing and to create a custom solution that addresses their unique needs. We take pride in meeting or exceeding customer expectations on each and every project.

As these thermal spray case studies show, we have the know-how and the expertise to deliver a coating solution for nearly any application. Contact us today for your thermal spray needs. 


Aerator Tine

Tines having increased wear resistance for the application. The OEM specification contains a product code called "High-Wear Tine," which a user (in this case the owner of the aerating equipment) can specify as a replacement part.

Cyclone Boiler-Thermal Spray Aluminizing on Tubes

Tubes in high temperature and corrosive environments can be coated to increase service life by reducing the effects of corrosion wear greatly prolonging wall thickness within design specifications for fire side heating while keeping water/steam flow for optimum performance.

Magnesium Repair on Light Weight Aerospace Components

Magnesium components are difficult to repair due to heat-sensitive corrosion reaction.

Mixing Impeller Shaft for Food Processing

Worn processing equipment not only shortens equipment life but potentially can contaminate food in various stages of production.

Shoe Component for Rotary Valve

Wear on shoe component of the rotary valve results in leakage in the closed position.


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