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Industrial metal coatings are added to the metal to provide an extra layer of protection from mechanical and environmental conditions. This can greatly improve the performance and extend the working life of treated parts and components.

Hannecard - ASB provides industrial coating services utilizing a variety of steel coating materials. Submit a project for a free price quote on steel coatings for your application, or contact us to learn more.

Wear & Anti-Corrosion Stainless Steel Coatings

When metal surfaces are properly protected with wear-abrasion coatings they are less likely to break down within highly corrosive environments. When metallic materials are put into corrosive environments, they tend to have chemically react. The effects of corrosion then become evident on the surfaces of these materials.

Customized Steel Coatings & Finishes 

Hannecard - ASB's stainless steel coatings and other specialized steel coatings can be applied in varying thicknesses to increase the level of protection they provide. Our team will work with you to determine the best steel coating material and application technique for your specific needs. The customizable nature of our industrial metal coatings enables us create unique solutions for any customer application.

During roll refurbishment, for example, inspections may require additional journal repair in the seal and bearing areas. Carbon steel coatings and stainless steel coatings applied via electric arc or combustion thermal spray processes have proven to be exceptionally effective for dimensional build-up and are easy to machine to the required dimensions.

ASB's Protective Finishes for Steel

At Hannecard - ASB we work with a wide range of unique steel coating materials for your industrial metal coating service needs. Our steel coating options include:

  • Stainless Steel Coatings provide exceptional wear and corrosion resistance, and are ideal for dimensional build-up of worn or damaged parts
  • Amorphous Alloy Coatings such as Nistelle and Hastelloy greatly improve temperature, wear, and corrosion resistance
  • Carbon Steel Coatings can be used to rebuild or repair surface damage on many steel substrates, bringing them back to OEM specs while closely matching material properties
  • Tribolite Coatings use a specialized, iron-based material to provide significant wear improvements, high temperature resistance, and superior porosity for lubrication encasement

Submit a project to receive a complimentary price quote on the steel coatings you need. Or, contact us for more information on our industrial metal coatings.

Industrial Steel Coating Benefits

Certain metal parts require steel and stainless steel coatings to effectively perform their jobs. These steel coatings protect the metal part from wear and oxidation and other detrimental factors. Some of the more common applicable uses for coatings are listed below.

Repairing & Restoring Worn Components with Metal Coatings

Hannecard - ASB’s steel coatings and other industrial metal coatings are an effective method of repairing worn components and restoring them to OEM specs. Using industrial metal coatings to repair parts is generally less expensive than replacing them, and because coatings can often be applied on-site, it can also be faster and more efficient, with minimal equipment downtime.

Conductive, Dielectric & Thermal Barrier Coatings for Metal Components

Metal components can be coated with materials of similar chemistries to return them to their original dimensions and restore their performance to like-new levels. Alternatively, coating worn metal components with conductive, dielectric, or thermal barrier coatings can enhance their performance in challenging or specialized applications.

Protective Metal Components for New Parts

Industrial metal coatings can also be applied to newly-manufactured parts to enhance performance. Components can be manufactured from engineered substrate materials that provide weight reduction, improved strength, or other beneficial characteristics, then coated with enhanced hard metal coatings for greater wear resistance and durability.

Depending on the application and performance requirements, non-metal coatings may be a better alternative for part repair and enhancement. Hannecard - ASB applies highly wear-resistant cermet, carbide, and ceramic coatings, as needed.

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Hannecard - ASB will work with you to determine the best coating material for your specific application. We are the proven experts in industrial metal coatings. Submit a project for a free quote on reparative or performance-enhancing coatings, or contact us for more information.