Roller System for Tissue Converting

Roller System for Tissue Converting

Embossing, Glue Applicator and Marrying Rolls for Tissue Converting

Embossing Roll, Glue Applicator Roll and Marrying Roll for Tissue Converting

Hannecard Roller Finishing with Countroll Roller Management System

Hannecard Roller Finishing with Countroll Roller Management System

Roll Covers and Coatings for Tissue Converting

Tissue products have evolved to meet the growing demand in terms of comfort and luxury. Customer choices are triggered by properties such as soft hand-feel, perfumed, multiple layers, and colored patterns. These product changes need to be met by today’s evolving machinery, at the same time provide faster production at a lower cost. Never before, the elastomer coated rollers have played such an important role in achieving the combined demands of the consumer in the paper converting industry.

Roller Covering Solutions for Tissue Converting

Hannecard Rollin offers the most comprehensive range of rollers & coatings for all tissue converting applications:

  • Embossing
  • Glue application
  • Marrying lamination 

Nip Pressure Optimization

At equal load, we guarantee a much narrower pressure distribution thanks to our unique NIP pressure optimization software, offering results that are up to 25% better than the market standard. The final benefits are less abrasion, longer lifetime of the rollers, lower energy consumption, and lesser stress on the bearings. By combining our expertise with the use of NIP software, we can design the most functional roller coating in terms of cover type and shape (crown), number of layers, optimized thickness, and hardness of each layer.

 Additional Roller Services

Our mechanical roll services also include:

  • Complete maintenance
  • Assembly
  • Journal repair
  • Dynamic balancing of your rollers

We also offer on-site services such as inspection & expertise and dimension measuring.

Learn more about our services and extensive coating range for embossing, marrying and glue applicator rolls for the converting of tissue.