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Countroll Roller Management System

countroll® - Cloud-Based Roll Management for Industrial Production

The countroll® Asset Management Platform is a cloud-based roller management platform designed to streamline maintenance operations by providing insights via the dashboard and easy access to technical documents and the history of the roller. By scanning a QR code attached to your roller, countroll® allows quick, easy, and accurate access to all data and documents about your roller production line provided by the roller supplier’s ERP. At the same time, you can add documents and change locations of the rollers themselves.

Hannecard – ASB proudly offers the countroll® roller management platform to improve your overall workflow efficiency. Designed with usability and precision in mind, countroll® offers many features and benefits to your roller assemblies:

  • Can be used by the same customer across different plants and countries.
  • Creates an easily accessible “digital passport” of technical documents, detailed roller histories, and more that are accessible from any smartphone or PC.
  • Wireless NIP width system to measure the NIP width and digitally calculate the crown correction to improve from carbon paper measurements.
  • Battery-powered sealed rotating sensors count rotations, speed, speed differences (slip), and vibrations. This data is then stored on the countroll® platform and is accessible in a graphical presentation (charts) or as raw data for Fast Fourrier Transformation (vibration analysis).
  • Easy-to-use app brings the information available to the shopfloor, allowing everyone to access the same information with no need to print documents.
  • Insights from time-based analytics provide recommendations on the health status of the roller to conduct predictive maintenance.
  • Patented QR labels made from materials chosen to withstand extreme environments (chemicals like MEK, humidity, scratch, PCB washes, infrared ovens, and more).  For extreme humid conditions (paper industry) countroll® also provides stainless steel labels.

All rollers covered or coated by Hannecard – ASB are now standard on the countroll® roller management platform, allowing you to access all technical documents and events (recovering, regrinding and recoating) via the app or web portal. If you want to have a user login, please follow the registration process via the countroll® website.

Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about how we will improve your production line.  The countroll® team is available for professional support and services.

Best-in-Class Roller Management System for Any Line

Since 2019, the countroll® roller management solutions have been the standard, open, multi-vendor platform across industries and geographies, and we are ready to help improve operations for your unique application. Particularly suitable for rubber, polyurethane, and steel rollers, countroll® provides information and streamlined processes in virtually any roller-based production:

How countroll® Can Improve Your Operations

Use Case: Detect & Quantify Slip on Wire-Driven Rolls in a Paper Mill

A paper mill in Europe had issues with reduced paper quality, leading to paper break and production stops. After analysis, we agreed to install countroll® rotating sensors in the wet-end section of the paper mill, specifically on wire-driven rollers. The sensor was installed on the flange of the roller. Data was collected during production. Analyzing the data revealed that the rubber was becoming too warm, resulting in heavy slip. The roller was taken out of the machine, and a new type of rubber was applied to solve the paper breaks and run at lower speeds, resulting in energy savings and fewer production disruptions.

Use Case: Solve Misalignment Issues in Plastic Film Production

The market leader in plastic film production (extrusion) contacted us to help with the alignment challenges of a production line in Europe. As the rollers were long in size, the customer was looking for a digital tool that measures the NIP width and saves it on a platform instead of in Excel or on a sheet of paper. The automatic crown measurement in the center position allowed the customer to provide information for the correct regrinding of the rollers. Using countroll® NIP kit, the customer can now make weekly measurements. With all data stored on the platform, everyone on the maintenance staff has access to these measurements, timestamps are available, and the customer can view a complete history of measurements. They streamlined their processes to improve the quality of plastic film production and reduced downtime.

Hannecard – ASB Delivers High-Quality Roll Management & Surface Technology Solutions

Hannecard – ASB is the premier provider of roller coatings and other advanced surfacing technologies. We work hard to be a full-service partner, providing comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to improve your efficiency while reducing maintenance costs. Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about how we can support your operations through high-technology roll coating and roll management solutions.