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What is Electric Arc Spraying?

Electric arc spray is one of the oldest, most effective thermal spray coating processes. Developed in the early 20th century, electric arc spray uses a rectifier to arc two wires that produce the heat/energy source along with nitrogen as the propelling gas. This arc results in a spray process that is economically efficient to produce effective results, with very little heat transferred to the workpiece. Additionally, electric arc wire spraying produces spray at higher spray rates than other thermal spray processes, creating some of the fastest coating rates of any coating method.

Hannecard - ASB, Inc is committed to providing the best possible electric arc spray services in the industry. We provide comprehensive, cost-effective electric arc wire spraying capabilities that allow our customers to improve their operational efficiencies and reduce maintenance costs through our industrial coatings services.

Contact us for more information regarding our electric arc wire spraying services and arc spraying capabilities. You can also call us at 888-240-6627 and we will be happy to assist you with your surface technology related questions.

What Are Arc Sprays Used For?

Arc spray coatings are very cost effective and are typically used to apply metals like pure aluminum, carbon steel, copper, and metal alloys such as stainless steels along with high temperature alloys. Arc spray also allows adjustments to achieve varied coating texture. Some of the applications that electric arc spray technologies are used for, include:

  • Shaft Repair
  • Wire Drawing Blocks
  • Abrasion Resistant Air Movement Components
  • Boiler Tubes
  • Coal Pulverizer Components
  • Bearing Fit Rebuilding

Arc Spraying with Nitrogen Gas & Clean Booth Environments

At Hannecard - ASB, we utilize nitrogen process gas along with cleaner booth environments to reduce oxides developed during processing, reducing contamination and providing a more optimal coating. The use of nitrogen as the process gas also creates a cleaner environment for our thermal spray operators.

Electric Arc Spray Process Parameters

Electric arc spray process parameters can be easily adjusted to create various surface profiles. When rough surfaces are needed, coating parameters are adjusted to create a coarse atomization of the melting wires. Unique chemistries can also be created by feeding two different wires.

Electric Arc coatings can provide relatively thick coatings to rebuild heavily worn equipment. They can also be and easily machined to print specifications with many times more wear resistance than the original component substrate.

Electric Arc Spray Duel Wire Guns

What are the Advantages to Arc Spraying?

Whether you need a smooth, rough, thin or thick covering, electric arc spray coatings can provide the results your project requires. Arc spraying is simple to use and provides highly reliable, controlled surface results. Some of the benefits of utilizing an electric arc spray, includes:

  • Resistance to many corrosive environments
  • Galvanically active and sacrificial coatings
  • Resistance to wear, erosion and cavitation
  • High temperature, oxidation resistance
  • Prevention of biofouling materials
  • Dimensional restoration
  • Controlled surface profiles or textured surfaces
  • Gripping and anti-skid surfaces

Twin Wire Arc Spray

Hannecard - ASB's twin wire arc thermal spray equipment uses two wires of a chosen composition, which are brought together in the gun and electrically charged to induce melting. The resulting molten material is then propelled onto the work area. Using electric wire arc spray allows thicker build-up, making it an excellent system to use for dimensional repair. The coatings produced are inherently somewhat porous, which allows lubrication to seep into the pores, providing excellent benefits for many applications.

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