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Turnkey Roller Repair Services

Turnkey roller repair services are processed to minimize downtime on your production line. To best serve you, Hannecard – ASB Industries combines years of hands-on experience with the latest technological developments to offer a range of industrial roll repair services. We handle everything at our ISO-certified facility, working to your individual requirements to return your rollers to a high-quality condition or OEM specifications with practical options for repair and rebuilding methods. Processing may include:

Personalized Mechanical Repair Solutions for Industrial Rolls

Hannecard – ASB provides turnkey industrial roll re-covering and recoating services for OEMs and end users. Most services are completed in-house with limited services completed by trusted outsourcing companies to ensure complete quality throughout all processing. Your exact turnkey roller repair will vary depending on your unique specifications but may include:

  • Re-covering or recoating rolls
  • Bearing disassembly and assembly, including sourcing bearing components
  • Roller inspections, such as dye checking welds
  • Journal repairs, including thermal spray and welded repairs
  • Miscellaneous roller maintenance (centers, roll bodies, etc)
  • Dynamic balancing of rollers
  • And other services unique to your industrial rollers.

You can have confidence that most processing occurs in-house, including protection and storage options for shipment. Pick-ups and deliveries can be arranged through trucking and other means.

Why Work with an Established Roller Repair Provider

Causes of roller damage can vary and may include a high-wear environment, alignment issues, friction, corrosion, and more. Hannnecard – ASB partners with you to identify solutions and ensure you understand your processing options as failure to repair, replace, or rebuild broken or worn rollers can lead to further damage, longer production downtime, and other undesirable consequences.

Hannecard – ASB will work together with you to establish all repair and rebuild options as your go-to reliable maintenance provider. We offer:

  • Complete quality and high-performance pre- and post-repair operations
  • Documented experience repairing rollers across industries
  • Full adherence to all manufacturer guidelines and recommendations
  • Use of quality required bearings, seals, couplers, and lubrication
  • A comprehensive and detailed record of all roller repairs and rebuilds
  • And more.

Hannecard – ASB is the Top Source for Turnkey Roller Re-Covering & Recoating

In addition to our turnkey roller repair and rebuild services, Hannecard – ASB offers a wide variety of roller coverings to extend the lifespan of your equipment and deliver excellent results across applications. We work hard to provide industry-leading services for productions in any market through innovative roller coverings:

We are committed to advanced surfacing and roller covering technologies, and we are ready to improve processes on your line. Contact Hannecard – ASB or request a quote today to begin your service. To speak with a representative directly, call 330-753-8458.