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Coatings for Pulp & Paper Making and Converting

Winder Roll, Paper Converting

Winder Roll Being Processed with Traction Coating

Tapered Roll Journal being Finished Machined

Tapered Roll Journal being Finished Machined

Hannecard - ASB’s industrial metal coatings are useful for a number of pulp and paper making applications. Our coatings can improve the performance and extend the working of equipment and components used in pulp and paper manufacturing processes, thereby boosting the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your plant.

Machinery used in the pulp and paper making industry must withstand a wide range of operational hazards, including heat, corrosion, cavitation, sliding wear, erosion, and others. Hannecard - ASB’s expert team will work with you to create an industrial metal coating solution that will meet your requirements and effectively protect your equipment. We offer traction and release thermal spray surfacing, carbide traction surfacing, on-site thermal spray services, and more.

Industrial Metal Coating Applications

Our industrial metal coatings can be applied to all manner of equipment, machinery, parts, and components used in pulp and paper manufacturing. These include, but are not limited to:

Winding and Converting Services

  • Grip Release Surfaces
  • Winder Drums
    • Carbon Fiber Rolls
    • Applicator Rolls
    • Ink Transfer Rolls
  • Guide Rolls
    • Sheeter Drums
  • Rider Rolls
  • Traction Rolls
  • Pull Rolls
  • Slitter Rolls

Other Components for Pulp & Paper Processing

  • Chippers
  • Screens
  • Fans/Ductwork
  • Frame Work
  • Glue/Ink Pans
  • Bearing Surfaces/Tapers
  • Seal Surfaces
  • Pump Components

Discover more about Hannecard - ASB's industrial coating materials for your pulp and paper making applications.