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Hannecard – ASB tailors custom synthetic and natural rubber roller coverings to meet your line’s unique needs. By choosing to partner with us for your rubber roller coating application, you access our vast in-house R&D department and rubber compounding capabilities, ensuring 100% quality control and complete traceability. Using Hannecard’s global and local laboratories, dedicated teams of researchers and developers work constantly to create new rubber solutions appropriate for your specific operating conditions and to meet the demands of your market.

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Available Rubber Roller Coating Specifications

Rubber roller coverings from Hannecard – ASB are developed to match the specifications of your order. We offer options ranging from 40 shore A to 80 shore D. Rubber rollers are non-staining when in contact with delicate substrates and provide a good, stable grip in most applications.

Antistatic, conductive, high-temperature, non-stick, non-marking/non-staining, and other specialty effects are available upon request. Call 330-753-8458 to speak with a highly trained representative and discuss your options.

Physical Properties of Natural and Synthetic Rubber Coverings

The physical properties and benefits of natural or synthetic rubber roller coatings include:

  • High resilience and excellent compression set
  • Excellent squeezing and wipe-off behavior
  • Tear and abrasion resistance
  • Exceptional elasticity

Rubber roller coatings also resist a wide range of chemicals, including most alkaline, acid, and oxidative products, even at high concentrations. They feature excellent resistance to mineral and vegetable oil, kerosene, fuel, grease, and animal fat.

Hannecard – ASB is Your Single-Source Provider of Natural & Synthetic Rubber Roller Coverings

Hannecard – ASB is committed to achieving your complete satisfaction through custom rubber roller covering solutions. Our natural and synthetic rubber roller coatings are designed to improve efficiency, enable faster line speeds, and improve your overall operations.

To meet diverse needs across industries, we offer a variety of other coating compounds and materials, including polyurethane roller covers [Link to new Polyurethane Page.

Rubber Roller Sleeves to Match Your Application Specifications

Rubber roller coatings for industrial production lines are designed to match the exact needs of your specific industry. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are continuously working to improve our processes and better serve you and your market, including:

Get Started with Individualized Turnkey Rubber Roller Covering Solutions Today

With over 65 years of industry experience, Hannecard – ASB provides the best surfacing technology and rubber roller coatings available on the market. Each order is personalized to match your workflow’s exact requirements and specifications, and our highly trained team is at your disposal from initial quotes through final delivery. Our turnkey solutions are formulated to save you time, resources, and stress at all stages of production.

Contact us today to discuss how we can fulfill your rubber roller covering needs. Request a quote to begin your order. 

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