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Polyurethane Roller Coverings

Polyurethane roller coverings, coatings, and sleeves add traction and grip, minimize noise, reduce product damage, extend part lifespan, and deliver many other advantages to production lines. Hannecard – ASB is proud to offer an extensive range of high-performance polyurethane roller coatings to enhance your operations.

Why Choose Polyurethane Roller Coatings from Hannecard - ASB

Polyurethane roller coverings improve your line’s performance, durability, functionality, and profitability. As your full-service partner, Hannecard – ASB is dedicated to finding the best roller covering or coatings for your workflow. No two production lines are the same, and our experienced team is standing by to discuss your specifications and navigate your options, including coatings with special properties such as antistatic, improved release, acid resistance, and others.

If you require a certain property or performance characteristic from your urethane roller sleeves and coverings that is not listed here, or if you would like to speak about your specific needs, contact us or call 330-753-8458 to speak with a representative directly. Hannecard - ASB specializes in creating individual solutions, and we are ready to identify and engineer the best polyurethane roller coating for your line.

Monkal® Soft Polyurethane Roller Coverings

Monkal® soft polyurethane roller coverings provide outstanding surface-wetting properties and high surface energy for efficient laydown. They add many other advantages to your processes, including:

  • Polyurethane RollerHigh purity and homogeneity
  • Suitable for use in solvent environments
  • Better stability in contact with solvents compared to other polyurethane covers
  • Good resistance to abrasion and tear
  • Easy to grind and groove
  • Specifically designed for applicator rollers for color coating, varnishing, lacquering, glue application, and chemical coating
  • Can be applied in other roller coating applications, including wood, flexible packaging, plastic film, aluminum foil, PVC, flooring, and others.

Hard Polyurethane Roller Coverings

Featuring 65-95 Shore A, hard polyurethane roller coverings are designed for managing mechanical forces. Ideal for high-load and heavy abrasion applications, including humid and oily environments, these coatings offer many advantages:

  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, tear, and cutting
  • Very high elasticity
  • Good resistance to grease and mineral oils
  • Excellent performances in metal strip processing (including pinch, snubber, hold-down and pressure rollers, tensioning, bridle, steering and traction rolls, cradle rollers, and more) as well as transformation of paper, plastic film, tissue, and textiles

Depending on the needs of your planned use, we offer specific hard polyurethane roller coating compounds with:

  • Very high purity for optimal glue transfer and homogeneous coating
  • Very good wettability and low surface roughness
  • Outstanding dimensional stability for an improved lifespan
  • Limited dust clogging for lower maintenance requirements
  • Very good chemical compatibility, including lubrication oil
  • Ability to meet very precise dimensional tolerances

Polyurethane Roller Coverings to Improve Industrial Applications

Manufacturers and processors across sectors can benefit from using polyurethane roller coatings on their automated industrial lines. Hannecard – ASB has the experience and industry-specific knowledge to serve any market with long-lasting polyurethane roller coverings, including:

If urethane roller coatings are not your best solution, we also offer a variety of other coating materials and coating compounds, including rubber coatings, to match the rigors and requirements of your industry.

Contact Hannecard – ASB for Custom Polyurethane Roller Coating Solutions

Hannecard Roller Covering

Hannecard – ASB is committed to providing the best surfacing technology and high-performance roller coatings available on the market. Our team works tirelessly to understand the specifications and requirements for your unique application and provides individualized turnkey solutions engineered specifically for your business.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your operations. Request a quote to receive personalized information regarding your order.