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Innovative Surfacing Technologies

Surfacing Technologies

Paper Industry, Industrial Metal Coating

Application of Wear Surfacing for Traction for Paper Winding

Plasma Electric Arc, Thermal Spray

Aluminum Oxide Plasma Electric Arc

HVOF, Tungsten Carbide, Powder

WOKA Jet Kerosene Fuel HVOF

If you're currently using or considering surface treatments such as thermal spray, welding, or cold spray, Hannecard - ASB offers turnkey solutions using a variety of options. Our proven surfacing technologies can be customized to your individual needs.

HVOF Coatings

High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) processing provides extremely dense, low-porosity surface coatings with high bond strength. To ensure superior quality and consistency in our HVOF coatings, Hannecard - ASB utilizes:

• Diamond Jet HVOF coating systems
• Unicoat/Woka Jet LF (Liquid Fuel) HVOF surfacing technologies
• Six-axis robots and other dedicated equipment and tooling

Electric Arc HRC

Plasma Electric Arc Thermal Spraying

To apply abradable and highly wear-resistant ceramic thermal barrier coatings, Hannecard - ASB relies on plasma electric arc thermal spraying. This process utilizes a non-transferred arc as a heat source to ionize gas. The plasma energy then melts and propels the coating material onto the workpiece. Surfacing technologies like this one are used primarily to apply ceramic surface coatings.

Powder & Wire Combustion Thermal Spray

To apply alloy, carbide, and ceramic coatings, Hannecard - ASB utilizes an array of surfacing technologies: powder combustion, thermo-spray, and wire combustion. These processes use a fuel gas mixture to melt wire, or powdered coating material. We use clean gas technology throughout our facility to optimize the structure of these premium coatings.

Additional Surfacing Technologies 

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