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Based on Hannecard - ASB's involvement with patents and licenses since 1996, we have gained worldwide recognition for our development of innovative cold spray process equipment and material property investigation. Over the years, ASB has worked with organizations, universities, military, and research facilities to develop process controls, nozzle designs, and nozzle materials, as well as the infrastructure to run equipment properly and efficiently. Working with industry associates, we have developed high quality production systems with many available options that allow equipment software and hardware updates.

Hannecard - ASB is the North American representative for equipment sales and along with technical support services for Impact Innovations' High Pressure Cold Spray equipment and spare parts. Our experience in developing our own cold spray technology and industrial expertise make Hannecard - ASB an ideal pairing for Impact Innovations' unique hardware and software designs.

Nitrogen vs. Helium: A Note on High Pressure Cold Spray Process Gases

In high pressure cold spray, nitrogen and helium are both common process gasses. Advancements in cold spraying equipment, and the development of specialized coating materials, have made it possible to apply pure metals, metal matrix composites, and harder alloys with uniformly high coating density.

However, the limited worldwide supply of helium and its resultant rationing have made it difficult to develop or adjust cold spray process parameters for the use of the gas. These factors have also made helium considerably more expensive than nitrogen. As such, nitrogen has become the preferred process gas for high pressure cold spray in practical commercial applications.

While Hannecard - ASB utilizes equipment designed for both nitrogen and helium, we use nitrogen almost exclusively as our high pressure cold spray process gas.

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