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Aluminum Oxide Coatings (Al2O3) Paints & Coatings

Aluminum Oxide Plasma Spray Roll with Diamond Grinding

Aluminum Oxide Plasma Spray Roll with Diamond Grinding

Hannecard - ASB, provides aluminum oxide (Al2O3) coatings for a wide range of applications. Also known as "beta ceramic," aluminum oxide is inert to acids and alkalis, is very hard, and naturally provides a passivation layer on coated substrates that prevents weathering and environmental corrosion.

Using either a plasma electric arc coating process and powdered feedstock, or Powder Combustion with ceramic-based feedstock, we can produce aluminum oxide coatings in varying thicknesses to meet the unique requirements of your application. Additional methods, such as the introduction of a bond coat material, can produce an additional layer of protection to your aluminum oxide coating to better protect the substrate from corrosion.

Aluminum Oxide (Al203) Spray Coating Benefits & Applications

Numerous chemistries are available, each offering unique advantages. Aluminum oxide coatings can be engineered to improve dielectric performance (using nearly-pure AlO3), to provide electrical insulation, to boost corrosion or wear resistance (using titanium oxide additives), to reduce or eliminate current transfer arc erosion, and more, based on customer requirements for part performance.

Based on your application, Hannecard - ASB can also utilize highly specialized chemistries, including fused and crushed mixtures and cladded oxide.

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