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An Effective Option to Hard Chrome Plating

Traditional chrome plating may present significant health and environmental hazards. As such, Hannecard - ASB does not provide electroplated chrome coatings.

Instead, our industrial coating services include a number of alternative "spray chrome" solutions for users of traditional chrome plating. Our spray chrome coatings offer a range of unique characteristics that, in many cases, make them preferable to electroplating or other surface enhancement methods. And, as we use none of the hazardous chemicals involved in a "true" chrome plating, our alternative spray chrome options are far safer and healthier processes.

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Alternatives that Meet Your Needs

Hannecard - ASB's coating experts will work with you to create the ideal coating solution for your application. We offer a range of spray chrome alternatives, and we will determine the best coating material and process based on your unique needs. Many of our surfacing options can be customized for optimum effectiveness.

Our industrial coating services include nickel-based spray chrome substitutes that will greatly improve the corrosion resistance of treated parts and components, such as amorphous coatings using Hastelloy and related materials. We offer tungsten carbide coatings for greater wear resistance. For higher temperature applications, we can provide ceramic-based spray options.

All of our alternative thermal spray coatings can be possibly applied in thicker layers than traditional plating can, for improved performance and increased wear life. For applications in extreme environments, we offer post-treatment options to help resist severely corrosive chemicals, high temperature oxidization, molten metal pick-up and wear, and more.

The Spray Chrome Experts

Hannecard - ASB's experience and expertise in working with different substrate materials, thermal spray coating materials, and equipment parameter options enable us to provide viable, longer life alternative spray chrome solutions. We also provide a variety of surface finishing options to reduce product defects when components make direct contact with product during conveying.

For example, during high tension strip steel movement in continuous process lines, it is sometimes desirable to have an angular-type gripping surface with high friction coefficient to reduce slipping of surfaces that can mark or dent finished product. We can provide this and numerous other thermal spray solutions to meet your biggest part wear and performance challenges.

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