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Innovative Surfacing Technologies

Industrial Coatings & Protective Surfacing Technologies

Protective surface coatings have been used in industry for hundreds of years. As time and innovations progress, however, these industrial coatings have evolved into precision surfacing technologies that can achieve a vast range of longevity producing results and functional properties. Equipment capabilities designed to produce wear-resistant coatings and products with increased lifespans, enhance operations, and provide cost-effective results for OEMs across industries.

What are Industrial Coatings?

In the most basic sense, industrial surfacing technologies are coatings applied to parts made of metallic substrates. Surface enhancements add protective properties increase wear resistance and with turnkey machining, enhance the overall OEM dimensional surfaces to finished components. Different coatings feature different wear abilities, including adding flame resistance, reducing wear damage, and more.

Many types of protective coatings and materials are available to fit the demands of your industry and application. Need help determining which is best for your goals? Hannecard – ASB can help. Contact us today, and one of our experts will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Types of Protective Surfacing Technologies

Industrial coatings are a versatile and flexible addition to any OEM and critical industrial applications. Examples of protective coatings for industrial products include:

Typical Coating Materials

Industrial coatings from a wide range of feedstock including alloys, ceramics and pure metals made from a range or wrought variety of materials selected to successfully protect and improve substrates. A few common protective coating materials include:

Uses for Protective Thermal Sprays, Polyurethane, Rubber & Other Coatings

Industrial coatings, roller coverings including polyurethane, rubber, thermal spray, and other surfacing technologies can provide many benefits and uses. While the main purpose of industrial coatings is to increase protection for the substrate part, they add many other features to any production or project:

  • Resistance against high-wear
  • Ability to stand up to extreme temperatures and harsh environments
  • Enhanced overall part performance
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings to increase longevity
  • And more!

The exact benefits, advantages, and capabilities will vary depending on your selected industrial surfacing technology. If you do not know which features your application requires, call 330-753-8458. A protective coating expert will help you find your best solution.

Industrial Coatings & Roller Coverings for Any Application

Industrial thermal spray, protective roller coverings, and other surfacing technologies add value to an extensive range of applications in many industries. These options are commonly applied to OEMs in sectors such as:

Choose Hannecard – ASB for Your Next Industrial Coating Project

Hannecard – ASB has been providing high-performance industrial coatings for over 70 years. We have the experience, skilled staff, and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to apply protective coatings to nearly any substrate. Masking, tooling, and fixturing can be customized to your requirements and integrated into our industrial coating processes to ensure that the final product meets or exceeds your expectations.

All our surfacing technologies and processes are performed in-house to ensure complete adherence to your quality requirements and our own strict quality standards. Contact us to learn more about how our advanced capabilities, services, and support can improve your application. Request a quote to receive information specific to your planned use.