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Plasma Transferred Arc Hard Surfacing

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From mining to steel production, equipment designers and builders use specified hard coating surfacing technologies in key, high-wear areas. Thermal spray hard surfacing gives equipment and component parts substantially greater wear resistance, even in extreme working environments and high-cycle or continuous-use applications. With improved wear resistance comes better overall performance and extended working life.

Hannecard - ASB specializes in the application of hard surfacing materials via thermal spray. Our hard coating surfacing services provide extreme wear characteristics for machinery in all industries and applications. Carbide materials with various binders (such as cobalt or nickel), hard ceramic coatings, and spray chrome type materials are incorporated into our hard coating to achieve maximum wear resistance.

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The Experts in Hard Coating Surfacing

We will work with you to ensure a complete understanding of your application, so that we can accurately identify its wear mechanisms. Drawing on years of experience and expertise, our coating engineers will select the best thermal spray process and hard coating materials for your application.

We utilize a variety of hard coating surfacing processes, including submerged arc, open arc welding, and PTA-plasma transferred arc, along with our full range of thermal spray coating capabilities. Every component is closely examined to determine the best coating method(s), which may include a combination of hard coating surfacing technologies.

High tolerance dimensional machining and grinding for critical surface textures may be included as part preparation and/or finishing for the hard coating surfacing process.

In addition to coating new parts and components, Hannecard - ASB can use hard coating surfacing to rebuild worn or damaged parts to OEM specifications. This simultaneously enhances wear resistance, improves part longevity, and reduces operational and maintenance costs.

Part Finishing & Testing

Hannecard - ASB's specialized, turnkey hard coating services include part finishing via high tolerance grinders and polishing equipment. Grinding implements such as hard wheels, belts, and super finishing tools are used to achieve the enhanced surface properties your specifications require.

All our hard coating surfacing solutions undergo critical assessment utilizing surface inspection equipment to document processing requirements. We use Rockwell Hardness macro testers, profilometers, die penetrant crack testing, and a full range of certified micrometers and measuring equipment to ensure accurate test results. Information is documented throughout each step of the hard coating surfacing process, using procedures specially developed for each project.

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