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Carbide Coatings

Tungsten Carbide and Chrome Carbide are the predominant carbide materials used to apply protective surfacing using Thermal Spray Processing techniques. Relatively thin layers of carbide coatings can offer dramatic protection against abrasion, galling, fretting, and erosion.

Hannecard - ASB provides advanced tungsten carbide and chrome carbide spray coating services to near limitless types of substrate. All our industrial coating processes are performed in-house. This allows us to properly prepare workpieces prior to coating, as well as any specialized finishing they may require post-coating.

Contact us for more information regarding HVOF Tungsten Carbide and Chrome Carbide Spray Coating Services, or call us at 330-551-5217 and we will discuss your specific project requirements. Hannecard - ASB Industries is your trusted supplier of advanced Tungsten and Chrome Carbide Thermal Spray Services.

Tungsten Carbide Coatings Chrome Carbide Coatings


Carbide Spray Coating Advantages

If one of your main goals is to protect your parts and components from wear, then Industrial Chrome Carbide and Tungsten Carbide Coatings should be a fundamental consideration. Additionally, one of the largest benefits of industrial coatings is that they will extend the overall lifetime of the components and equipment that are being covered. The coatings process can ultimately save significant maintenance costs. Additional benefits include:

  • Low Residual Stress
  • Low Porosity (Typically Less Than 0.5%)
  • High Bond Strength
  • Good Tungsten Carbide Corrosion Resistance based on binder chemistry
  • High Wear Resistance

Carbide Coatings for High Demand Applications

In many applications where chrome has added proven wear life, the selection of carbide applied by the HVOF process may provide an alternate in demanding applications. Cost vs. wear life economies will provide possible alternates to a standard electrolytic chrome alternative.

Powder morphology and thermal spray process parameters offer a range of surface profiles. Rough to smooth-as-sprayed surfaces can offer grip and a possible increase of friction coefficient (based on mating material hardness) with the long wearing carbide surface.

Carbide Thermal Spray Performance Surfacing Parameters

Within the carbide thermal spray coating process the materials are bonded in a metal matrix that is dependent on many factors. Cemented binders with different material matrices are tailored to resist chemical, heat, and wear environments, features include:

  • Process designated based on parameters of various equipment to produce desirable results and in most cases reduce the heat effect on carbide, keeping the intended carbide phase structure.
  • Your operating conditions are considered to choose material and identify wear and combinations thereof.
  • Thickness specification is based on application and tolerances.
  • Surface finish for rough gripping surfaces.
  • Highly-polished chatter-free coated components using super-finishing techniques along with diamond grinding media to achieve low surface finishes and dimensional accuracy.
  • Carbide particles are acid- and chemical-resistant by themselves – cemented matrix is designated based on wear, higher temperatures, and corrosion.
  • Carbide coatings have thermal conductivity properties.
  • Carbide materials can be sealed for pick-up resistance in many operating environments using ASB Industries’ coating systems: KarGen and S-Kote Sealing Systems.

Surface Finishing & Dimensional Finishing

Some wear resistant coatings—tungsten carbide, chrome oxide ceramic, materials with iron base chemistries—require special grinding media to achieve the proper surface and dimensional finishing requirements. Whether the job requires diamond belts, hard wheels, diamond paste, and/or precision machine tools, Hannecard - ASB has the equipment and the expertise to apply your wear resistance coatings and finish them to your project’s specifications.

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