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Hannecard - ASB's Thermal Spray Abrasion Resistant Coatings

Hannecard - ASB's abrasion resistant coatings help industrial parts and equipment last longer and perform better, while minimizing maintenance requirements and replacement costs.

With our thermal spray capabilities, we can apply abrasion resistant coatings to nearly any material. Because we can precisely manage the thickness of these coatings, any part can be given added abrasion resistance without sacrificing fit, form, or function.

Our extensive experience and range of thermal spray capabilities enable us to provide abrasion resistant coatings that meet the unique needs of each customer. With a team of certified thermal spray operators and advanced equipment, we can expertly modify our coating material chemistries and application processes to deliver abrasion resistant coatings that are customized to your specific applications. 

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Materials for Abrasion Resistant Coatings

To a certain extent, all thermal spray coatings improve the substrate material’s abrasion resistance. However, Hannecard - ASB works with numerous coating materials that are specially engineered to provide superior protection against environmental and operational abrasion.

We offer chrome carbide coatings, chrome oxide coatings, tungsten carbide coatings, and other options for abrasion resistant coatings. Our engineers will work with you to determine what coating material and which thermal spray process will deliver the most effective abrasion resistance for your application.

Hannecard - ASB applies all our thermal spray coatings in-house, which allows us to manage every step of the process. Everything from initial surface preparation to final grinding and polishing is closely monitored to ensure that your abrasion resistant coatings meet or exceed your expectations. 

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