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Heat Exchanger Upgrade for HVOF Processing

Nov 5, 2017

ASB Industries utilizes the HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) thermal spray process in many applications producing a high performance carbide coatings. The process utilizes liquid fuel to produce velocity and process temperatures to the carbide spraying process. The equipment requires precision cooling at the gun interface to allow high quality production over long periods of gun operation.

This new Heat Exchanger Unit is an upgrade that replaces a complex water softening well unit that has required annual maintenance now not seen as making economic sense and downtime. Heat exchanges are an integral component in Plasma equipment and Cold Spray equipment at ASB Industries.

ASB chooses thermal spray technologies to fit application environments in critical high wear applications in a broad range of industries. Coating quality, thickness control and surface profile along with many other important characteristics are the highest priority to produce high performance coatings.