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Copper Cold Spray Commercial Applications

Jul 24, 2018

In recent years Copper applied by the High Pressure Cold Spray process has shown commercial advantages by producing high quality copper coatings. As an example, Schneider Electric has integrated Impact Innovations Cold Spray equipment to produce copper layers on high production Aluminum Bus Bars. A presentation was given by Gautier Arnaud at a recent European Conference explaining the transition of the HVOF thermal spray process to High Pressure Cold spraying. Technical and economic impacts were explained showing main characteristics of processing success and validation for customer approval.

ASB Industries applied copper to repair an arc damaged copper “fingers” on a Busbar located in the Annealing section of an Ohio steel producer. This on-site job was considered success avoiding equipment replacement and one day repair during the Steel Mill’s Outage.

Since the Cold Spray process does not use high temperature melting, copper coatings will mimic the purity of wrought feed stock enabling very pure and oxide free coatings. The robust process is used in high production applications.

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