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Welding Surfacing Options for Extreme Wear Conditions

Sep 30, 2019

Thermal Spray, Cold Spray and Welding are three of the main surfacing processes provided by ASB Industries. Within the thermal spray and welding capabilities, ASB is able to provide options using different processes equipment that provide unique characteristics that are dependent on your application.

Based on our experience along with understanding your application, there may be multiple options using different process, different materials and turnkey machining and grinding. Key is to understand your wear conditions which is usually done visually along with current design and as important, your ideas that you perceive and have experience to increase service life.

If your components are directly “touching” your product or components running within your equipment then ASB needs to consider our equipment capabilities for pre and post finishing capabilities.

Pictured is the open arc weld process. This a wire fed system with a wide variety of material options. The other system which is called PTA is completely described as the Plasma Transferred Arc—taking a metallic powder matrix that feeds into the Plasma Torch that then arcs the substrate for full metallurgical bond. Examples of applications include extreme wear conditions in oil extraction equipment and other applications shown within our website.


Open Arc Welding