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Data Gathering for Cold Spray Application Development

Jan 2, 2020

Once coatings are applied, some customers request samples to be inspected using our lab capabilities to observe polished and magnified coating cross sections. If further characterization is required, ASB can assist utilizing outside labs and University relationships with our associations in North America. ASB Industries focus on industrial turnkey surfacing applications.

For some of our customers we are asked to further characterize the process during sample spraying or actual spray processing of their components. This capability allows our customers to utilize material property development to help design and develop their own coating development from sample spraying to spraying actual components.

On some occasions, our ASB technicians work directly with our customer. Recently, one of our customers who utilizes the Cold Spray process in their production requested ASB to assist in identifying equipment to document spray parameters while spraying a set number of samples with particle velocity gathering. The customer arranged Oseir out of Finland to demonstrate the equipment while gathering data. Within this “coming together”, ASB worked with our customer and Oseir to set up equipment which is pictured. When customers utilize these services their applications in most cases are confidential. Many times, ASB services will only function is to spray samples without the need to understand or learn further information due to confidentiality

The following is from Oseir HiWatch about their system utilized during our customer’s cold spraying. Imaging methods can be used to measure several physical quantities such as: velocity, size and position of solid particles during spraying. The key benefits of imaging methods include: • HiWatch lasers with OsiRec® software can be used to image and visualize microscopic/macroscopic details. • Easy to modulate high laser pulse repetition rate and short laser pulse width allows the measuring of small fast traveling objects in even very difficult to visualize processes such as cold spray or high-pressure water jet spraying • OsiRec software can be adjusted to visualize and to measure characteristics of very small as well as larger sizes from a few micrometer size to several millimeters in size • Easy to install and align with the particle flow with the factory aligned camera & laser package and using the actual camera image to align it with the target to be measured.HiWatch Particle Velocity Charaterization