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Upgrade to our Cold Spray Nitrogen Gas System

Feb 13, 2020

The main process gas for cold spraying is nitrogen. Critical particle velocity is required for physical build-up of coatings and additive manufacturing. Different than thermal spray processes, materials in powder form with different densities require stable high-pressure nitrogen for bonding and interparticle adhesion.

For over 25 years ASB Industries has utilized Cold Spray technology. Our worldwide involvement allows us to be aware of equipment options as technologies, materials and applications advance. PLC controls throughout the system along with high pressure rated valves and piping is required during spraying for both production projects and critical material and application development.

This recent upgrade replaced older technology on a well-used piece of our existing cryogenic high-pressure gas system. Equipment was replaced using the existing Swagelok pipe infrastructure and high-pressure valves minimizing downtime during our Cold Spray production.

Linde Corporation provided installation and in conjunction with safety checks. System is located adjacent to the Cold Spray process area that utilizes the Impact Innovations 5/11 System, with an ABB robot and 5-ton crane capabilities.

The following is taken directly from Messer/Linde published data:

• The PRESUS™ N10 liquid pump is an energy-efficient unit that delivers nitrogen at high pressure.

• The PRESUS™ N10 with no degradation of gas purity while liquid nitrogen is gasified.

• The PRESUS™ N10 pressurizes liquid nitrogen by a hydraulically-operated, slow-moving piston before evaporation. Therefore, the liquid pump is a updated technology for industrial processes such as gas assist cold spray, injection molding, laser-beam cutting, or other processes where high-pressure gases are necessary

• Low energy consumption-up to 90% less than gas compression units •

Flow rate at least five times higher than gas compressors • Eliminates risk of nitrogen purity contamination due to oil-free operation

• Automatic PLC control system

High Pressure Cold Spray Nitrigen-Messer