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Ceramic Seal Surface Rebuild and Protection

Seal surfaces on rotating components may require a wear resistant surface against a seal material made of rubber, composite or metal ring to function in a multitude of applications.

Corrosion, hard particles or friction along with process temperatures for processing equipment can be protected by an inert-wear resistant ceramic Thermal Spray coating. High hardness with chemical inertness can allow additional life for most components. Seal manufactures may designate a specific surface finish requirement which will guide ASB to grind the surface within a specific range.

A required surface finish may utilize grinding by hard wheel and/or belting or machining and polishing the surface. ASB Industries utilizes a Profilometer where a needle tracks a specified length on the finished area and then the results are documented on all inspection reports verifying the required finish.

Examples where critical seals are required to eliminate contamination include mixing shafts for pharmaceutical production, mixers for food on journal seal and bearing protection from process contamination for rolls in almost any industry. Ceramic coatings are utilized in marine environments on propeller shafts, mixing of clay for pottery and components for coal power generation.

Selection of coating will be based on available information you share with ASB Industries. Once identifying the wear issue will allow ASB to designate different process techniques and available material composition. In most cases, ASB is able to utilize machine tools to complete the project which is a necessary step for turnkey projects and a possible option for high production smaller parts.Plasma Thermal Spray