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New Addition to our Robot Family

Oct 5, 2020

ASB is at the beginning stages introducing a new thermal spray ABB robot manipulator having a small footprint giving ASB further flexibility using process fixtures that are customized and adapted to your part processing. The robot arm adapts to  different thermal spray guns that rigidly carry the gun programmed for critical distance from gun to part, smooth movement gaining consistency and efficient material usage.

The new IRC5 Controller software as described below along with a refurbished IRB robot work under the demands of the thermal spray environment is a perceptive decision for controlling costs gaining further production capabilities. The robot rests on a fabricated platform with mobility by a tow motor which is placed for correct project orientation in one of our multi-purpose spray rooms.


            ABB Robot Technologies include

  • RapidTM Flexible high-level programming language
  • TruMove motion control for program accuracy
  • QuickMove focuses on reducing cycle times
  • FlexPendant/RobotStudio providing precise path accuracy

 ABB Robot Controller

ABB Robot for Thermal Spraying