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Maintaining Seal Surfaces in Severe Environments

Jun 30, 2011

It can enhance plant reliability by eliminating failures that could lead to complete shutdowns. It all starts, though, with an analysis of the process environment to determine contributors to part wear or failure. On a steel processing Seal application, ASB Industries' solution after evaluating the full range of Thermal Spray processes was a ceramic coating due to its hardness and wear-resistance as well as its compatibility with the seal itself. The worn seal mating surface is machined undersize to a consistent dimension prior to the Thermal Spray material application. After using one of the available processes at ASB Industries, including Plasma Electric Arc, Rokide or Powder Combustion Systems, surface finishing the ceramic coating includes grinding with diamond inserts and wheels in addition to polishing to meet rigorous finish requirements and dimensional accuracy based on a Ra (roughness average specification.) ASB's thermal spray solution has enabled this customer's bearing life to be extended by a factor of three - without any parts being sent back since work began more than five years ago — "an excellent track record for any of our suppliers."