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Hannecard New Processing Facility

May 26, 2021

Progress continues for the new polyurethane and rubber Processing facilities with construction including electrical, cranes, structure remodeling to prepare for process equipment arrival. New equipment including extruders, polyurethane process equipment, lathes for stripping and finishing, autoclave/boiler, ovens, balancing—and more are ordered and to begin installation starting in July/August. This completely new, state-of-of the-art process facility is modelled after the Hannecard facility located in Cerny, France. Materials will be provided from shipments from La Fleche, France and local Akron rubber suppliers.

Processing Highlights

For can making, our facility will be processing Handycoat components for over-varnishing for high volume can making. See additional information explaining production and maintenance ease while increasing roller longevity with increased performance using the HandyCoat System. Clidk here for customer Support Link to learn more about the unique combination of HandyBase® and HandySleeve® making production changes easier than ever, reducing cost and waste and enhancing product quality.  

For the Tissue and kitchen towel processing, there will be direct processing with technical support referencing Hannecard’s industry notable technology for high production equipment using Hannecard/Rollin technology for Tissue making. 

For the Steel Industry, ASB will providing complete roll refurbishment for all process areas using rubber and polyurethane coverings along with  utilizing our well-established thermal spray wear resistant solutions using ASB surfacing technologies and coating systems. Our new rubber and polyurethane services will also be producing Hannecard’s Monkal Mandrel Sleeves.

To support cylindrical component processing, the new equipment will utilize extruded and calendared materials for rubber processing along with polyurethane rotational and vertical casting. Our new capabilities will add to our offering giving you choices for the best solutions backed by technical teams, experience, and being attentive to your individual processing requirements.

For over 75 years, ASB has now joined with Hannecard, while continuing our turnkey services for complete processing at one location. Our official joining of our companies beganon January 15, 2021—A lot has happened so far with two companies rapidly moving offering high value services to do the right thing for customers.

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