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Hannecard HandyCoat® Explained at the IMDPA Conference for Metal Can Decorators

Jun 11, 2021

Related to the Can processing industry, Hannecard Roller Coatings will be attending the IMDPA Conference presenting HandyCoat®. This Conference will be showing the latest developments in metal decorating and packaging technology in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA -October 6th-7th, 2021.

The HandyCoat® System is the innovative coating wheel for the beverage canning industry. The HandyCoat® coating system: a breakthrough in beverage can coating The HandyCoat® base and overvarnish coaters represent a breakthrough in beverage can coating, offering a time and cost-saving alternative to classic full wheels. Based on the HandyBase coater core, the solution features HandySleeve® coater coverings, which are coated with Hannecard’s renowned Monkal® polyurethane, a unique covering quality developed expressly for paint and varnish applications, combining perfect coating quality with a long lifetime.

How it works: With the HandyCoat® system, the coater covering is separated from the coater core. The soft coater covering is cast on a glass fibre sleeve (HandySleeve®), which can be easily and safely mounted and demounted on the HandyBase® coater core, which is designed specifically for HandyCoat®. Available for a full range of can sizes, the system allows operators to change coat wheels in approximately five minutes, compared to the 30 minutes required for other systems. Operators don’t have to remove or even lift the wheel, reducing physical demands by as much as 75%, streamlining the wheel change process further.

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