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Monkal Polyurethane Roller Coverings

Jul 18, 2022
Vertical Flow Polyrethane Roller Coatings
Polyurethane equipment has been commissioned and operational. With materials on-site, our equipment manufacturer worked with our Hannecard technicians to operate equipment with technical detail from equipment operations to handling materials—proprietary materials sent from Belgium. The two pieces of equipment allow rollers to be processed in two different ways that are the basis to optimize of your application utilizing two different casting procedures—vertical roll casting and ribbon-flow horizontal roll casting.
With experience on proven applications, Hannecard Roller Coatings, US will look at your operating conditions and discuss possible improvement solutions for Hannecard high performance materials, procedures and support. With similar equipment within the Hannecard companies, proprietary solutions within your company can be performed worldwide with same materials and processing procedures including critical finished ground rollers. Our current focus is using a unique chemistry called Monkal.  Focus is in the Canning Industry and Coiil Coating Lines for Applicaotr Roller coverings
For an overview please see the following link: Roller, sleeve & wheel covering - Hannecard
Unique solutions in the Canning overvarnish processing, Tissue Processing, and the broad applications range in the Steel Industry along with a multitude of roller coatings are available at the Ohio, USA location. At this time we are expecting rubber roller processing equipment to be commissioned by mid-January, 2022 to complete the entire new plant---which gives you hard and soft coatings/coverings utilizing thermal spray, cold spray, welding along with the rubber and polyurethane coverings.
Monkal Polyurethane Process