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High Performance GTV HVOF Equipment Coming to HRC-ASB

Aug 13, 2022

Hannecard – ASB Industries is upgrading equipment focused on high performance HVOF technology with installation of state-of-the-art K2 HVOF System from GTV through Spraywerx Technologies. The K2 HVOF System is a third generation kerosene fuel system widely adopted in Europe. The K2 system differentiates itself from other kerosene fueled HVOF systems by incorporating patented kerosene atomization and combustion chamber design providing more consistent high-quality coatings in a robust high production System.

Key system benefits include:

• Higher combustion pressure providing higher velocity coatings which lead to improved coatings with higher strain tolerance and optimum coating structure for wear

• Ability to spray fine powders for smother as-sprayed coatings

• Multiple gun configurations to spray materials that require high heat input, such as Cr3C2/Ni20Cr, and low melting point materials such as copper.

• State-of-the-art membrane kerosene pump to provide consistent kerosene flow for increased process stability.

• Ability to spray carbides with high deposition efficiencies

• More consistent powder feeding with dual hopper powder set-up

All these features combine to give Hannecard/ASB Industries the technology to provide customers with reproducible high quality HVOF coatings with expected high quality---high performance results.

Dr. Gilles Rannou of Hannecard, France and Dr. J Karthikeyan, retired from ASB and now consulting, thoroughly investigated specific spray experiments gaining knowledge of equipment capabilities. GTV and Spraywerx openness and assistance gave confidence to decide to purchase the K2 system turnkey system form GTV Germany. The system will add to our current array of thermal spray capabilities giving viable and alternate solutions to achieve and choose equipment to produce practical high-quality results. Our HVOF, Plasma Arc, Electric Arc, Combustion flame spray and High Pressure Cold Spray allow all options at our North American facility with technology available on Hannecard worldwide platform.