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Chirag Raval Joins Hannecard as Key Thermal Spray Specialist

Aug 27, 2022

Mr. Chirag Raval joins Hannecard Roller Coatings, USA as a key person who will lead Thermal Spray activities with process development and key quality for the entire Hannecard worldwide locations. HRC, a key acquisition by Hannecard brings a long history of world leadership in thermal spray and cold spray technology.

Mr. Chirag Raval is a highly educated Metallurgist & Materials Engineering Specialist in Material Technology. Also, expertise of Thermal Spray Coating processes & application developments and know how technology to transfer globally. With demonstrated history of working in the surface solutions & engineering industries like Power Generations, Aero and general industry.

Experiences prior HRC/ASB, Mr. Chirag Raval was working with Swiss base MNC Oerlikon Metco in India & Europe as a Sr. Applications Developments & know-how technology transfer. Experiences included industrial project applications such as: Cylinder Block Engine Bore coating Aplication for Automotive Industries. Abradable Coating application for Steam Turbine Casings & Seal Ring Segment Operations for the steam path clearance control and engine efficiency improvements. Duties included to provide process implementation and support to achieve all certification including AS9001:D, ISO14000 & IATF16946 as examples. Recognition includes "Establishment of Thermal Spray Coating Services Shop at Ahmedabad" for first Metco Coating Services on customer premises at GE Steam Power India for Steam Turbine Abradable Coating Application.

Mr. Chirag Raval accomplishments include engineering professional degrees with Master of Engineering focused in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering specialization in Material Technology from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat, INDIA and B.Eng. in Metallurgy from GECG28-GTU, Gujarat, India. During master of dissertation, he studied & worked on “Feasibility study on Plasma Oxidation Process for Thermal Barrier Coatings” Were he developed PGO – Plasma Grown Oxide layer which is the interface of TBC composite layer of NiCrAlY bond coat & 8%YSZ topcoat. TGO is the oxide layer formed in between bond coat & topcoat layer which has sharp flake shape delta & gamma alumina phase which has a very high growth rate & it’s cause to crack & failure of coating. To reduce TGO layer rate Mr. Chirag Raval has developed Plasma Grown Oxide (PGO) layer which has alpha alumina in globular shape which has lower growth rate then TGO. It (PGO) increases the coating life & reduce failure of TBC coating.

He has published his worked paper on IC–RAMSD 2018 conference in India. Mr. Chirag Raval also a member of ASM International Thermal Spray Society.

Mr. Chirag Raval will be working with Charles Kay – President of HRC ASB USA, Dr. Gilles Ranou of Hannecard France with HVOF technologies & retired employee Dr. J. Karthikeyan who has developed coating systems for high temperature applications in the Steel Industry, a range of material development, applications and patents for Cold Spray equipment among problem solving for wear applications accessing problem solving and failure analysis from data received from customers. Dr. J. Karthikeyan has been with ASB Industries for over 20 years and active in the Thermal Spray Society and many collaborations from around the world including, Australia, India and Europe. Dr. Karthikeyan's latest publication from ASM International includes High Pressure Cold Spray: Principals and Applications

Chirag Raval  Metallurgist Joins ASB Hannecard