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Saddle for Roll Contour Profile Measuring

Jan 23, 2023

With your unique requirements our company continues to look at our current services to offer options -surface modifications for both wear resistant thermal spray coatings and conveying rolls utilizing rubber and polyurethane roller coverings.

Our company roots provide wear resistant surfacing and rebuilding components using thermal spray technologies. Our recent growth includes rubber and polyurethane roller coverings. In general, you have knowledge to for us to learn to suggest improvments for your production line, OEM designs, repair, and rebuilding, Research & Development projects, request from your direct customer: for a service we may offer—ideas!

Featured is one of our many in-house inspection options: Roll profiling using a rolling saddle measurement system to show roll contour. From the manufacturer of the equipment sates the following: Optimal for speedy, precise, and robust contour measurements of rolls, cylinders, and rollers, no matter where the roll is located. Portable equipment with aluminum measuring carriage “WMG 3040” for 100 to 2,350 mm diameters.

Focused industries where either the Saddle inspection equipment is used or the Renishaw Measuring device on our 60” Diameter Mesta are utilized for critical Furnace Roll contours required for steel strip shape tracking through temperature zones inside the Furnace for thermal spray KarGen coatings or in the tissue industry where critical layering of multi-ply toilet paper-for two industry critical applications.

For any cylindrical grinding, roll/roller construction, polyurethane and rubber coverings specifications, critical thermal spray surfacing technologies and even our equipment set-ups allow us to complete your roll to your specifications—which also includes specific roughness surface specifications as rolls are inspected to finished.

Pre-Inspection, in-process inspection and your final components can include an array of common inspection equipment including Indicators, Micrometers, Profilometers, Durometer’s, Thickness Gauges, Gauge Blocks, Renshaw Probe and more-most important are our experienced operators—Machinists, thermal sprayers, welders along with our on-site Materials-Metallurgist coupled with our Polyurethane and Rubber Hannecard trained operators.

Saddle Roller Profiler

Profile Measurment on Grinder