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Hannecard Acquires Revamo-A focused Thermal Spray Service Company in the Netherlands

Feb 17, 2024

Hannecard, Belgium, announces the acquisition of Revamo, a company founded in 1942 in the Netherlands. Thermal spray services include combustion flame and wire, Electric Arc, HVOF, Plasma and low pressure Cold Spray along with laser cladding. Turnkey processing includes a variety of machining capabilities to grind, machine, polish along with flat and ID finishing. The company joins the La Fleche, France, ASB Industries, Ohio, USA acquired in 2021 and H&M Roller in South Africa thermal spray focused companies in a broad range industrial markets. Hannecard worldwide presence in many industries including Steel Industry flat products, tissue Industry, canning industry, paper and label making just to name a few.

Click Here for Revamo Website