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Invitation to Present at the ASM Thermal Spray Society (TSS) event North American Cold Spray Conference 2024 September 10-11, 2024, in Canada

Jun 28, 2024
Chirag Raval, representing Hannecard Roller Coatings Inc. (formerly known as ASB Industries Inc) USA, was honored as an invited speaker at the prestigious NACSC-2024 (North American Cold Spray Conference) conference held in Boucherville (Greater Montreal), Canada from September 10-11, 2024. His presentation titled "COLD SPRAY OF ALUMINUM FOR GAS TURBINE LPC CASE REPAIR" illuminated groundbreaking developments in cold spray coating applications, specifically focusing on its critical role in repair & enhancing the efficiency of gas turbine components through experimental testing and real-world application.

Abstract: “Gas turbine Low Pressure Compressor LPC cases frequently face wear and damage, necessitating effective repair methods. This project aims to assess the efficacy, feasibility, and economic viability of an innovative repair technique. Through experimental testing and real-world application, the project examines the potential benefits and challenges of implementing cold spray aluminum coating. By delving into cold spray deposition principles, aluminum powder selection, and specific processes, the abstract underscores the advantages over traditional repair methods. Case studies demonstrate improved performance and extended component life with cold spray aluminum coatings, contributing to enhanced industrial maintenance practices with a cost-effective and reliable solution for LPC case repair.”

Chirag Raval & Charles Kay from HRC jointly work together with project team from EWI, GE Aerospace & State of Ohio – Development Service Agency - Grant Control No: MEPG20190494, this project to delved into the intricate methodologies and practical benefits of cold spray technology together with highlighting its capacity to repair gas turbine components such as LPC (Low-Pressure Compressor) cases. Hannecard pioneered in cold spray technology since 1996 & have advanced leading cutting edge cold spray coating technology for repair & new application development in North America’s region for aerospace, defense, nuclear & power, naval, electronic industries markets including research lab & universities.

UNLOCKING THE FUTURE OF COLD SPRAY: NACSC 2024 IN MONTREAL we cordially invite you to join for the 2024 North American Cold Spray Conference (NACSC 2024), on September 10 and 11 at the National Research Council of Canada’s (NRC) Boucherville facility, located just outside the vibrant city of Montreal, Canada. This biennial event, organized by the ASM Thermal Spray Society, is dedicated to advancing the field of cold spray technology, providing a platform for knowledge exchange and fostering collaboration within the international cold spray community. With its unparalleled two-day experience, this conference is poised to drive advancements and inspire new breakthroughs. The program features a distinguished lineup of invited speakers from academia, industry, and government research centers. Presentations will be delivered by 26 leading experts in their respective fields. The conference offers a well-balanced program that encompasses a comprehensive range of topics critical to the advancement of cold spray technology. From aerospace to additive manufacturing and repair, novel applications to the latest developments, fundamentals to powder engineering, and even propelling gas alternatives, every aspect of the field will be explored. NACSC 2024 provides a unique opportunity to engage with experts from diverse organizations, fostering collaborations that will shape the future of cold spray technology. We are also honored to feature the following eminent keynote speakers: • Professor Hamid Assadi, Brunel University, London: Embark on a captivating “Journey Through Cold Spray Research: An Overview with a Few Personal Anecdotes,” offering a unique perspective on the evolution and future directions of cold spray research. • Dr. Leonardo Ajdelsztajn, GE Global Research Center: Gain insights into “Cold Spray in Aerospace: Lessons Learned, State of the Art, and Opportunities, ” a presentation exploring the current state, challenges, and future prospects of cold spray technology within the aerospace industry. Experience cutting-edge technology beyond the conference room at NACSC 2024! Join onsite facility tours and demonstrations at the NRC’s Boucherville facility. Explore the collaborative NRC and McGill University cold spray labs, which drive the development of new cold spray technology and industrial applications. Witness the PolyCSAM industrial facility, bridging the gap between lab experiments and full-scale manufacturing. Don’t miss this chance to gain insights into the latest technology and its practical implications. Fostering meaningful interactions will be a key component of NACSC 2024. Dedicated networking opportunities throughout the conference provide ample time to connect with fellow attendees, speakers and exhibitors. These include extended refreshment breaks, lunches designed to facilitate conversation, and a special networking dinner sponsored by Polycontrols. Finally, don’t miss the chance to cheer on the next generation of cold spray experts during the “Emerging Professionals Competition.” Seventeen exceptional students have been selected to showcase their innovative ideas and breakthroughs in concise, impactful three-minute presentations. The NACSC 2024 committee’s and TSS staff dedication and hard work have been instrumental in making this outstanding conference program. Thank you to the following committee members: • Prof. Mostafa Hassani, Cornell University (United States) • Prof. Bertrand Jodoin, University of Ottawa (Canada) • Mr. Charlie Kay, Hannecard Roller Coatings (United States) • Dr. Peter King, CSIRO (Australia) • Prof. Thomas Klassen, Helmut Schmidt University (Germany) • Prof. André McDonald, University of Alberta (Canada) • Mr. Luc Pouliot, Polycontrols Technologies Inc. (Canada) • Prof. Kumar Sridharan, University of Wisconsin-Madison (United States) • Dr. Julio Villafuerte, Centerline Windsor Ltd. (Canada) • Prof. Stephen Yue, McGill University (Canada) A special thanks to Jeanelle Harden, ASM Global Conference Manager, Dr. Rogerio Lima, TSS president, FASM, and Prof. Andrew Ang, TSS vice president. Since attendee space is limited to 180 people, be sure to register early! Thanks to the support from the NRC and to the generous contribution from sponsors, ASM is able to offer an unbelievably low-priced event. So, block off your calendar and make plans to travel today to beautiful Montreal for the North American Cold Spray Conference 2024! For additional information and to register, visit coldsprayevent. org. Dr. Eric Irissou, FASM NACSC 2024 Chair Thermal Spray Team Leader National Research Council of Canada