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On Target: 25 Year Recognition

Jun 30, 2011

With foresight, ASB Industries continues to transform to a technically advanced thermal spray and cold spray service provider with advanced processing and vast array of machine tools to meet quality requirements initiated by our excellent customers. Throughout the years Al has initiated involvement in many organizations to establish long term friendships with leaders throughout the world. Mara Kay along with Al, has been involved cultivating many relationships including hosting many gatherings of visitors to ASB Industries and worldwide travels to technical conferences. These trusting relationships continue to allow ASB involvement with the highest quality people and companies around the world. Most recent examples include working closely with CGT and Linde in Germany and Corus Process Engineers in the UK. Al has taken volunteer leadership positions, most notably ASM International Thermal Spray Society. Dr. Karthikeyan of ASB Industries initiated the proper channels for Al to receive the highly esteemed ASM Fellow status. Al was also involved in leadership positions with Metallizing Service Contractors; a thermal spray trade association now called ITSA. Al values the most important and critical component of success at ASB: the many long- term highly trained and experienced work force. As an example, John Cooper, thermal spray technician, celebrates 40 years with ASB Industries and technically experienced in all thermal spray processes and the demanding requirements to process unique projects. The glass sculpture show is a gift to Al from ASB Industries recognizing "leadership and integrity". This unique hand made sculpture was processed using a vacuum chamber and exotic materials SPUTTERING TARGETS to give unique colors and depth to this artistic piece-Cold Spray is capable of spraying ultra-pure rare earth materials used in this process for a multitude of unique applications. The artist is Jim Shaw (USA) and provided through Light Opera Gallery in San Francisco (USA) Congratulations!