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hpCS (High Pressure Cold Spray) Gas Complex

Jun 30, 2011

Materials include tantalum, titanium, aluminum, MCrAlY's, MMC's, copper and aluminum just to name a few. Shown is the recent installation of the Gas complex at ASB's Ohio facility which is the first installation of this type in North America with the ability to run two systems at the same time. Required software updates for the KINETIKS 4000 and Kinetiks 3000 allowed a flawless installation with immediate results. Working with Linde Gas European and North American technical group focused on the Thermal Spray industry, designed this system to work with the demands of high pressure Cold Spray along with the wide temperature changes in northern Ohio. Shortly after installation, ASB Industries hosted a facility tour to current North American CGT customers including US government agencies. The successful meeting included representatives from CGT, Linde/BOC and H.C. Starck material suppler. This worldwide communication network is allowing Cold Spray technology to grow at a rapid pace with technically innovative commercial and research development.