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CGT 2000-2 High Pressure Powder Feeder

Oct 8, 2012
The primary advantage is due to the positive feeding nature of the precision ground feed screw.  This time tested method of metering powder is not affected by pressure differential, backpressure, gravity, direction or distance of feed.

To further assure consistency throughout the process, a variable speed vibratory drive is utilized to impart a vibratory action to the powder within the canister.  This unique motion prevents powders from segregating due to varying particle sizes and facilitates fluid metering of powder by the feed screw.  Once the powder is precisely metered, it is carried in an inert gas stream through two cyclonic mixing devices to insure thorough particle distribution and optimal delivery to the gun.  Problems such as pulsation, sputtering and erratic flow, inherent of other feeding techniques, are easily overcome.

CGT 2000-2 High Pressure Cold Spray Powder Feeder