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High Production CGT 8000 System

Jan 12, 2012
High Pressure CGT 8000 Cold Spray System

The newest CGT 8000 System can be seen and demonstrated at our Cold Spray facility showing this high output production system with a variety of software and hardware flexibility.  This advanced high pressure production equipment provides increased pressures and gas heating capabilities for a greater range of material chemistries creating a cost effective options based on part and material requirements. From Aluminum, Copper to harder materials along with metal matrix composites allow further options for material and design engineers.

ASB Industries can be directly contacted to provide CGT equipment in North America.  With our on-site systems capabilities, ASB provides demonstrations along with concept R&D to production.  CGT and ASB partnership provides technical advances in nozzle designs and equipment upgrades along with service and training. Working with Linde AG, ASB Industries will guide critical gas equipment infrastructure providing a turnkey project and equipment/technical support.