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ASB Industries Achieves FAA Repair Certification Repair Status

Jun 21, 2012

ASB Industries High Pressure Cold Spray research and development efforts provided focus to achieve FAA Repair Station Certification. Advancement of fundamental physics and science provides advanced rebuilding techniques to reclaim structurally sound Magnesium Gear Box components used in Rotorcraft and other aerospace equipment.  This cost effective repair will allow expensive magnesium components to be economically and reasonably repaired using the High Pressure Cold Spray Process. 

ASB Industries equipment and material development was necessary for FAA inspectors to understand and accept the Cold Spray process as a viable repair method. European and Australian companies have embraced this repair method for Military Aircraft which has proven to be an exceptional repair method due to material purity, bond strength and fundamental material properties.

The Air Agency Certificate has been issued from the United States of America Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration on June 1st, 2012.  Certificate Number: 4SBR037C

One of our customer, Sikorsky Aircraft, approved ASB Industries for critical component repair capabilites and the leadership of ASB Industries capabilities to prove the process and procedures for valuable gear box repair.