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New Patent Issue to ASB Industries Invention for Cold Spray Hardware

Sep 7, 2012


The invention relates to an improved design for a spray gun and application system for cold gas dynamic spraying of a metal, alloy, polymer, or mechanical mixtures thereof. The gun includes a rear housing comprising a powder inlet and a gas inlet, a front housing removably affixed to the rear housing and comprising an mixing cavity therein for mixing of the powder and gas and an exit therefrom, a nozzle holder having a bore disposed therethrough and removably affixed to the front housing, and a polymeric nozzle positioned within the nozzle holder, an interior taper of the nozzle holder bore complementing an exterior taper of the nozzle. The nozzle having an initially converging, subsequently diverging centrally disposed bore therein adapted to receive the mixed powder and gas from the mixing chamber and the nozzle holder including a cooling jacket which is thermally coupled to the nozzle adjacent the nozzle inlet and mechanically coupled downstream of the nozzle inlet.

US 8,192,799 B2 Spray nozzle assembly for gas dynamic cold spray and method of coating a substrate with a high temperature coating Albert Kay, Wadsworth, Ohio (US); and Jeganathan Karthikeyan, Akron, Ohio (US) Assigned to ASB Industries, Inc., Barberton, Ohio (US) Filed on Dec. 03, 2008, as Appl. No. 12/315,453. Prior Publication US 2010/0136242 A1, Jun. 03, 2010 Int. Cl. B05D 1/02 (2006.01)