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Rotor-Feed and Valve Components for Bulk Conveying Systems

Oct 8, 2012

Bulk solid particle conveying equipment requires reliability and consistency to achieve continuously controlled flow rates to move materials into critical process production. From abrasive food grains to corrosive chemical production to harsh metal producing environments require consistent material flow for critical downstream processing. Effective thermal spray solutions include wear and chemical resistant coatings utilized on many components such as valves, rotor feeders and mixers. Particle size and shape, moisture and temperature and more, affect forward flow and necessary back pressure within pneumatic conveying systems. Carbide coatings applied by HVOF systems can be specified with different material chemistries based on the operating environment. The HVOF process along with Plasma Electric Arc and Rokide processes for inert ceramic wear resistant surfacing may dramatically increase life of components that improve productivity rates and reduced maintenance for system reliability. Thermal spray processing on the before/after photos show a rotor feed component that is provided as an OEM design feature resulting in long term customer engineered specification giving value to the end customer.


 Rotor Feed ComponentsRotor Feed Component HVOF Thermal Sprayed