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Cylindrical Roll Grinder Modernization Completed

May 8, 2014

  Roll Grinder Modernization

ASB Industries 60” Diameter X 288” Heavy Duty Mesta Cylindrical Grinder (1524mm Diameter x 7315mm length) will be modernized with CNC Controls -Fagor 8065T for two axis wheel movement  and a Renishaw Touch Probe for data collection keeping roll history during refurbishments. Alignment and all leveling of all machine components will be checked and necessary scraping, rework and replacement components will take place during the rebuilding. New lubrication and mechanical protection of important wear areas will be fitted and custom made during the rebuilding. The rebuild includes replacement of the main gearbox drive unit.

Rebuild beginning in June and is expected to take approximately six months. Approximate rebuild price is to be $530,000. Benefits: This major capital investment will allow two axis grinding for complex roll crowns with extreme accuracy and efficiency.

Added to the Grinder modernization project as of September 4th will be the integration of a liquid flow filtering system. Simple in nature but is recognized as an important cleaning process that achieves efficiencies and quality grinding. The equipment will work continuously making it more automated then past practices. Filtering will keep coolant clean from a wide variety of materials ASB process to achieve required surface finishes and dimensions. Thermal spray coatings such as carbides, ceramics and high temperature coating systems will reduce wheel loading among other benefits. This “silent” equipment will be integrated with the sophisticated CNC controls and feedback loop controls.

Thermal Spray surfacing materials require different grinding media to achieve critical surface finishes. This valuable grinder has been a key piece of equipment for over 30 years for our customers giving valuable grinding options for larger cylindrical components with diamond grinding media to complete demanding jobs.

Final Alignment of Assembled Grinder

Final Alignemnt of Assembled Grinder

Grinder CNC Control

 Integrated Systems Being Assembled & Tested-Fagor CNC 8065T

New Gear Box and Rebuilt Head Stock

60" Mesta Grinder January 2014

Grinder Rebuilding Project Re-Assembly of New and Rebuilt Components

Mesta Roll GrinderLarge Roll in Mesta Grinder

Grinder Rebuild July 23, 2013

Major Components Being Removed from Mesta Grinder


Grinder Rebuilding

Grinder Rebuild  8-13-2013

Grinder Base Being Cleaned in Preparation for Painting

Way Scraping for High Tolerance Dimensions

Grinder Way Scraping

Alignment of Ways

Laser Alignment of Way Surfaces for Grinder Head