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Installation of Impact Innovations High Pressure Cold Spray System at ASB Industries

Jun 21, 2013

Al Kay, ASB President and Peter Richter, General ManagerSuccessful installation of the Impact Innovations Spray System 5/8 is complete on the first day of the North American summer solstice. Helmut Holl and Peter Richter arrived at ASB Industries after attending the CSAT Cold Spray Meeting to finalize the installation and explanation of the new and innovative equipment designs with the successful startup of the system. The Impact Cold Spray System easily integrated into one of ASB Industries Cold Spray booths.

The Impact Innovations 5/8 System has operating capabilities combining high temperature up to 800C and 50 Bar pressure to process an array of materials-from Aluminum to Zinc and to Tantalum to Titanium alloys. This robust system easily and quickly starts with robust operation with quick cool down. Data feedback and controls give the scientist to a production operator notable information and date feedback. The High Power Density Gun (HPDG) is easily mounted to handling systems giving flexibilty in high production environments.

For companies interested in investigating high production cold spray equipment, ASB Industries North American Cold Spray facility is available for demonstration, operator training, and booth set-up and gas infrastructure viewing. Available for viewing is also the Portable 2000 high pressure Cold Spray System and current users of other high pressure cold spray systems.

A meeting and open roundtable gathering of current owners of equipment is being planned at the end of July at ASB Industries Cold Spray facility in Barberton, Ohio. This gathering will be the fourth session during the past six years for this users group.

For those interested to arrange a visit to ASB Industries, an open invitation discussion will include equipment options based on your material and applications requirements. Equipment configuration, nozzle designs and spare parts are an integral part of the conversations when viewing equipment. For current users of high pressure cold spray equipment, ASB industries offers discussions based on operator training, equipment maintenance, material parameters and available spare parts and equipment options and equipment maintenance services.

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Ron Amons, Karthi and Peter RichterAl Kay, Helmut Holl, Peter Richter, Karthi and Ron AmonsImpact Innovations 5/8 System Conrtol Unit & Powder Feeder

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