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GE News: ASB Industries' 2000-2 Portable High Pressure Cold Spray Being Used For 3D Printing

Dec 23, 2013
For 3-D printing, the High Pressure Cold Spray system should be capable of (1) producing contamination and oxide free dense coatings with high bond strength values, (2) processing a wide range of high purity materials from Aluminum alloys to Inconel and Tantalum and (3) controlling the process parameters to produce reproducible and homogenous coatings. The system and spray gun should be able to withstand the complex movement, required for spray forming unique shapes. Over and above all, the spray beam should be precisely controlled to have no special or temporal variation in its shape and particle density. ASB Industries’ Portable High Pressure Cold Spray System 2000-2 meets all the above requirements, with relatively simple and understandable process flow along with short cycle start up time. How did the ASB Industries’ Portable High Pressure Cold Spray System 2000-2 succeed? For over a decade, ASB Industries carried out systematic R&D studies on gun and nozzle design, system development and integration, spray experiments and process optimization. These studies led to the development of the patented (US Patent #: 8,192,799, 2012) Advanced Cold Spray System and Nozzles, that produced high quality coatings applying various materials with precise control. ASB Industries has commercialized this patented system as the Portable High Pressure Cold Spray System 2000-2. The 2000-2 system is routinely used for production of coatings and repair/refurbishment of parts in many technically advanced industries such as aerospace, defense, sputtering among other unique applications.

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