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Oxide Ceramic Coated Process Vessel

May 5, 2014

Oxide Ceramic Coating for Processing Vessel Applied using the Plasma Electric Arc Process

The applied ceramic coating is being used to protect the pictured Vessel in a molten metal environment with erosion at approximately 1,500 Fahrenheit with the further corrosive of chlorine used in the process. ASB’s skilled operators are detailed to mask and spray a smaller closed end stainless component using a rotating table allowing a consistent thickness of applied coating throughout the bottom, sides and top of the Vessel.The Plasma Electric Arc System is utilized for this application.

The available thermal spray ceramics are chosen specific to the application considering type of wear and temperatures including thermal cycling. Coating density, thickness and inert properties allow coatings to be designated for the broad range of manufacturing conditions. Added wear life in addition to product quality are the important benefits to consider the use or thermal spray surfacing technologies.