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Landis Grinder Modified with Upgraded Controls

Jun 16, 2014

ASB Industries recently upgraded controls on our 18" Diameter x 144" Landis Grinder to enhance accurate grinding wheel movement allowing operator flexibility.  Many of our roll grinding projects require precision tolerances on tungsten carbide and ceramic thermal spray coatings.  ASB uses different grinding wheel media to adapt to specific finish requirements to produce required surface profiles.  Both HVOF and Plasma Electric Arc coatings are applied for a variety of applications including high temperatures, extreme wear,  dielectric insulation ceramics and corrosive environments.  Roll shown is used in the Aluminum industry requiring a tight range surface profile, high tolerance roll diameter along with high speed balancing.

Precion Landis Roll Grinder 18" Diameter x 144" LonRoll Shell Repair using Copper Thermal Spray