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Cold Spray Equipment Upgrade

Sep 19, 2014

Open House showing the 5/11 Cold Spray Upgraded EquipmentASB Industries has upgraded our current Impact Innovations High Pressure Cold Spray equipment to the 5/11 System capabilities. This most advanced system is based on years of proven experience and performance allowing a wider variety of material spraying capabilities using nitrogen as the main process gas. The equipment installation gives ASB Industries additional capabilities for R&D work along with potential customers to witness a complete and functioning High Pressure Cold Spray System-the most advanced features highlighted below.

Highlights of the Upgrade at ASB Industries Performance                                                 

• Maximum operating temperature: 1100°C (2012° F) • Maximum operating pressure: 50 bar (725 psi) • Heating power: 40 kW Software • Intuitive user interface for the operating and monitoring of all parameters that are process relevant • Visual presentation of all actuators, sensors and process parameters • Security of the process quality by recording all parameters • Recipe management • Password protected operating software Optional Capabilities • Connection of several powder feeder units • Network connection for the recording of process data and the recipe management at a central storage location • A modular design allows upgrades, customer-specific modifications and solutions Advantages • Connection to and selection of the desired recipe is possible due to external systems • "Plug & Play" utilizing an intelligent component architecture • Simple integration of the system in already existing security networks • Clearly arranged touchscreen menu with a 19'' Touchscreen Impact Gun 5/11 • Maximum operating temperature: 1100°C (1472° F) • Maximum operating pressure: 50 bar (725 psi) • Innovative heating concept with high energy density • Compact design with low weight • Integrated heating with controlled heat-up stages • Customer-specific control of heat output is possible Performance • Operating pressure: up to 50 bar (725 psi) • Feed Rate: 1.8 dm3/h • Weight: 45 kg (99 lb.) • Universal use for ISS 5/8 and ISS 5/11 Innovative design and features • Easy handling - fast and easy change of powder • "Plug and Spray" solution for existing Cold Spray systems or stand-alone applications • Low maintenance due to wear-resistant materials