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Example of Testing-Procedure Development

Nov 4, 2014

Customer product advancements and new technology developments can cultivate ASB’s current process techniques and specifications becoming a welcome challenge to develop new materials and procedures using our surfacing technologies. Surface enhancements parallel thermal spray material advancements with developed auxiliary procedures. Techniques such as seal type surfacing in conjunction with Thermal Spray  allows surface enhancements optimized to work in multiple operating conditions including extreme temperatures, wear, corrosion and control of surface reactions.

Pictured is one of our test fixtures along with one of our well versed Thermal Spray/Cold Spray Technicians reading and documenting surface roughness using one of our many Profilometers. Detailed reporting following documented procedures allow research, qualification and process procedure development. With goals being established, our Metallurgist working together with Production guides new initiatives. When one of our technology partner's industrial coating services systems is being utilized then further development allows a clear understanding of milestone technology advancements.

Care in substrate selection considering costs can influence value and performance of the coated component. More critical in elevated temperatures and corrosive environments, substrate can be key to designing maximum performance coatings. Substrate material selection is developed in tandem with new coating technologies.

In most applications, surface profile and dimensional accuracy are paramount. Within our turnkey services, ASB offers specialty grinding, polishing and superfinishing along with machine tools ranging from manual to CNC’s; all in the care of experienced Machinists well versed in machining hard to soft base materials to a large variety of thermal spray coatings including carbides, ceramics to softer alloys. New abrasive grinding developments and techniques are maximized for new surfacing technologies.

Utilizing Thermal Spray, High Pressure Cold Spray and Welding can enhance performance and longevity of equipment components keeping quality production as the focus.
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