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Thermal Spray Journal Repair

Jan 6, 2015

Pictured is one of two mating Pinion Gear Shafts requiring bearing journal restoration. These large herringbone gears drive mill stands in a Hot Mill producing steel coils. These are part of the main drive system in the final stages of finishing slabs to steel coils where extreme forces are used to reduce thick steel. OEM dimension specification are required during finishing stages for alignment requiring extreme accuracy during pre and post machining and grinding. This is achieved by ASB utilizing our large newly rebuilt 60” Cylindrical Grinder where both dimension and required surface finish are easily achieved. All work is completed in-house moving the heavy 10,000 lb. Pinion Gears to designated areas keeping work flow of all processes. The carbon steel coating was applied by wire thermal spray with proper cleaning abrasive blasting procedures and proper masking of keyways. Due to the low temperatures, thermal spray is the correct process compared to welding. This common repair for many industries emphasizes ASB Industries large handling capabilities greatly reducing costs and delivery compared to making new gears of this size.

Thermal Spray Journal Repair